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Uninstall Information

To remove FileCleaner from your computer, please follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then go to Programs.
  2. Click on Uninstall a Program and find FileCleaner
  3. Highlight the program and then click Remove
  4. If you are prompted to confirm the removal of the program, click Yes

Version 5.0 - Change History

  • Added support for Brave browser
  • Fixed activation issues

Version 4.8 - Change History

  • Fixed typos in Popup Messages, changed text
  • Changed button color in tray popup message
  • Fixed “Unknown Publisher” issue
  • Additional improvements in EDGE browser support

Version 4.7 - Change History

  • Added support of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
  • Added the 'Unregister' feature

Version 4.6 - Change History

  • New Uninstall tool to uninstall any program
  • Improved Toolbar cleaner – now it finds more toolbars and plug-ins
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.5 - Change History

  • Added new pop-up messages
  • New version with fully-functional 30-day trial period
  • A Preview feature for images, URLs and documents
  • Added offline activation
  • Activation was changed to avoid issues with lost registration data
  • The Homepage is opened after a registered user installs the application and the Registration page is opened if an unregistered user installs the application
  • Fixed problem appearing when trying to install FileCleaner on XP x86 over an older version
  • Changed Registration button in Unregistered version
  • Outlook cleanup is not selected by default

Version 4.4 - Change History

  • Browsers extensions cleanup
  • Green background for selected items
  • An option to cancel analysis

Version 4.3 - Change History

  • Added File Shredder functionality
  • Gutman & US DoD algorithms

Version 4.2 - Change History

  • Added Restore Settings function
  • Added Register button

Version 4.1 - Change History

  • Major new version - under new ownership
  • Completely new redesigned GUI
  • Easier to use functionality
  • Tested Windows 7 and 64 bit compatibility
  • Refined usage content
  • Added default settings

Version 1.1 - Change History - 19th July 2009

  • Fixed the FireFox Bookmarks Issue
  • Included the size, number of files cleaned in summary message
  • Message Boxes are changed to look in sync with Application
  • Add to Favorites feature is suspended due to bookmark issue reported by users
  • Changed to open the application in main window and not in system tray
  • Included the version detail in application

Version 1.0 - Initial Version - 27th June 2009

A "must-have" tool for every Internet users

  • RealTime Protect feature to clean the history files and logs instantly
  • Add to Favorites Reminder feature to help you save the typed urls
  • advanced scheduler to delete history automatically
  • shredder option
  • delete history in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome
  • delete chat logs and profile details of Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger & Google Talk
  • delete browsing history
  • delete address bar history
  • delete search history
  • clear index.dat files content
  • delete index.dat files
  • delete AutoComplete
  • delete Google search history
  • delete Yahoo search history
  • delete Toolbar search history
  • delete cache (Temporary Internet Files)
  • delete stored passwords
  • delete cookies
  • empty Windows Temporary Folders
  • delete Recent documents list
  • delete recent items
  • delete Windows Run History (recently run programs list)
  • delete Windows Search History
  • delete Start Menu open programs history
  • clear recent open/save files list
  • clear page file (swap file)
  • delete Windows Media Player history
  • delete history tracks (Most Recently Used list) in Microsoft Office programs
  • clear Google Desktop
  • clear Clipboard